imgresEast Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall is a mansion built in the 17th century as a hall house. The main hall of the house had been rebuilt sometime around the 1630s and was again remodeled 18 years later, in 1648, then was remodeled once more in 1692. The remodel in 1692 was to add a range to the structure. The rebuilding made in 1648 is what is mostly still seen in the Hall today.

The rebuilding of the East Riddlesden Hall is due largely to James Murgatroyd, who hails from Warley. It is now considered as one of the greatest examples of Yorkshire architecture from the 17th century.

The Hall is made up of 2 stories and is built mainly of ashlar. Huge fireplaces as well oak panels can be found in the interiors and it has plastwork ceilings that are just beautiful. The Hall dispalys a lot of oak furniture, historic embroidery and pewter. On the exterior is a maze of grass and a pond in the garden.

The Hall was used in 1992 as the setting for the Wuthering Heights, the film. A lot of events are held there every year which includes children’s trails, open theatre, ghost tours, etc.

Skipton Castle

Skipton Castle is more 900 years old. It is among the most preserved and still complete medieval castles found in England. The castle was able to survive a siege that lasted for 3 years during the civil war. It has a banquet hall, a kitchen, a bedchamber and a privy. It also has a dungeon and a watch tower. It provided citizen protection from invaders during the war.

Until today, new historical discoveries are being made from inside the Skipton Castle. Just within the past few years, they found an ancient wall within the castle. This was used to help in explaining how the garrison of the castle was able to survive the siege that occurred from 1643 to 1645.

Newburgh Priory

The Newburgh Priory was of the Augustinian Order. It was built in 1145 through the grant of the Newburgh area given to Robert de Mowbray by William the Conqueror. Roger, Roberts son, was the one who built the priory and situated it in an excellent setting in the county.

Portraits of the family can still be found in the Priory’s walls. It has portraits of William Bellasis, who was the person that made the priory a private residence back in 1546. It also has portraits of Captain Wombwell and his wife, the couple who owned it the priory until 1986.

Anthony Bellasis was one of Henry VIII’s chaplains and he was the one who was bale to buy the priory from Henry. One of Anthony’s nephews, William, was the one who had the priory converted into what it looks like today. Some restorations and changes had been made from 1720 up to 1760, but most of what William built still remains.

Newby Hall

Newby Hall is a testament to the great architecture of the 18th century. It was the home of Richard Compton and his wife. It was constructed around the 1960s and was inspired by the style used by Christopher Wren’s house. It was then expanded later on by John Carr and Robert Adam.

Weddell, one of the ancestors of the Comptons, went on a Grand Tour and it is his collections from this tour that makes up most of the displays in the house. This includes Gobelin Tapestries, which are very rare, and a classical statuary gallery. It also has a few of Chippendale’s furniture.

Today, Newby Hall displays the National Collection of cornus. It also has a beautiful garden that is perfect for children looking for an adventure.

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