• 4 Historic Buildings in York With Great Roofs

    The historic city of York is packed with stunning architecture and stories around every corner. Below, we’ve rounded up four historic buildings in York with great roofs.

    Barley Hall

    Barley Hall in York

    Constructed in 1360, Barley Hall is one of the best remaining examples of stunning medieval architecture in York. Its original purpose was for the monks of the Nostell Priory to use when they were to visit the city, and so an additional wing was added in 1430 to accommodate their needs.

    From the mid-1460s to mid-1480s, the hall was used by William Snawsell. He was, at the time, the Lord Mayor of the area, and had the property restored for it to be appropriate for his position. During the restoration, around 30% of the original woodwork was salvaged.

    The Hall was ignored for centuries and become very close to being demolished until the York Archaeological Trust took an interest in it. The Hall was then renamed after the Trust’s chairman, Maurice Barley, and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

    Richard III Museum

    The Richard III Museum, which is a museum found inside the Monk Bar, was built with the sole purpose of celebrating the life of Richard III. Richard III was an English monarch, tried on the charge that he killed his nephews. In the museum today, scenes of Richard’s trials are on display, showing the evidence that was present in the actual trial.

    Set in the Monk Bar, a gatehouse located in one of York’s walls, the museum also has a prison cell and other exhibits that are all great examples of York’s fascinating history. The building itself dates back to the 14th century and is one of the tallest wall constructions along the York city walls. The building also has a portcullis, a rare example of medieval history that can still be seen today, giving you a taste of what life was once like in the city.

    York Minster

    York Minster, which is officially known as the Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York, is a wide and large gothic cathedral and adopted the Minster moniker because it was used in the Anglo-Saxon era as a teaching church.

    The first church to be built on the site of the York Minster wasn’t the York Minster building we know today, and instead was a small wooden church, designed specifically for the Anglo-Saxon baptism of King Edwin, the king of Northumbria. The wooden structure of the church was then replaced by stone, but the building was destroyed in its entirety in a fire in 1069.

    Years later, and the Normans then built what was to become the base of what is now York Minster. This building work began in 1080, and took twenty years to be completed, finishing in 1100. Although it was a very large cathedral already, the Minster was expanded over the following decades by then-Archbishop Walter Gray, before becoming “complete” with the nave, the Quire, the Lady Chapel, the north transept and south transept in 1472.

    Clifford’s Tower

    Another historic building in York with a stunning roof is Clifford’s Tower. The Tower has a stone structure which is situated on the top of a high mound in York and has been used as a Royal Mint and as a prison, with various other uses in between.

    The original site was created by William the Conqueror and was destroyed by a rebellion. It was then rebuilt and became a refugee centre for the Jews of York in 1190. Today, the Tower is an English Heritage site and offers stunning panoramic views over the city.

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