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EPDM By Findley

EPDM – And what you need to know.

Are you looking for a roofing membrane then look no further than EPDM. The reason to choose it is its simply synthetic rubber that will stand the most extreme conditions. EPDM is made up from ethylene and propylene that are acquired through oil and the earth’s natural gas’s. It has become popular through choice of colour in either black or white and all the vast choice in size. The good thing about EPDM is at had multiple installation techniques.


Is EPDM a good choice?

It is very popular on many low-slope roofing throughout the UK and has been for 35+ years. It not just a popular material with all roofing contractors, but is a big favourite amongst architects in not just the UK but all over America as well.

Why has it become so popular?

If you’re doing your homework and researching all material’s and methods involved when selecting your new roof, you will come across EPDM and see how much it has been tested and researched for you. All products are tested to the extremes of breaking point against real life scenarios. EPDM tests show fantastic results in the following

  • The membranes tired less resistance
  • The membranes tolerance with heavy hail storms
  • Not just hail but also all extreme weather conditions from heavy rain to snow storms
  • Very high tolerance in heat (for example a house fire)
  • Most of all will not fade or become UV damaged


The biggest testing point after all though is in the wind. Again with its very high tolerance levels in the most extreme wind conditions as become a key factor in its ever growing popularity.


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