Findley Roofing in Yorkshire
Findley Roofing in Yorkshire


GRP as it’s been known amongst all roofing contractors can be traced back to 1938 in roof installation in the UK.

  • GRP is one of the best applications for a new roofing system due to its strength, weather resistance levels and is a very versatile product. Fibreglass yes it’s a great lightweight material but is a very strong durable one making it a popular choice for all roofing and building contractors. With big choices available in size, widths, lengths and colour it will always be a good choice.
  • Glass fibres are woven into a matt and then kept together in multiple levels by a resign called polyester plastic. All making a strong lightweight product perfect for roofing and building.
  • GRP number one appealing pro is it’s a zero maintenance product. It is also fixed together leaving zero exposure making sure no water can get through keeping you dry and safe.
  • GRP meets all regulations set by not just local councils in the area but also the British standard requirements. It is the perfect product to transform a flat roof into a balcony due to its high tolerance levels of heavy traffic use on a daily basis.
  • Like all new products GRP will come with a long guarantee to keep you mind at rest.


How long will glass reinforced plastic roof last?

The good news to the question is it will last a long time. As we said earlier you can trace GNP in roofs back to the 1938’s and their roofs are still being used to this very day. With GRP there was a lot of research and rigours testing went into GRP to find out whether this in fact a product that could be used in the roofing and building trade. It was found that in actual fact it has fantastic levels and tolerance in all extreme weather conditions as a result of this you can expect it to last over 45 years and then some. After all the testing it was found it handled very well in particular water conditions as a result you will find many boats made from this now. Just think if it’s good enough for a boat in the most extreme waves and storms then it’s perfect over your house to keep you safe and sound.


If you find any of the following appealing to you then the answer is simply yes.

  • A long guarantee from the manufacture
  • You will also get a long guarantee from the installation team as well
  • It will include a certification of fire residence
  • Choices available to you allowing to create a masterpiece
  • With all sizes available it means there is no job to big or small


  • You also have non slip options available
  • It’s an installation teams dream product as its one the easiest to work with leaving very little room for error
  • In the event there was a fault this can be very easily repaired making it a dream product
  • It is also a very good eco-friendly choice
  • Offers great security as it will not cut with a blade
  • Everybody’s favourite one NO MAINTENANCE
  • Fixed together leaving to gaps meaning zero rain drops getting in
  • Will never fade in sunlight due to its 100% UV resistant
  • It’s perfect to transform an already erected flat room into a balcony or even a roof top garden too add colour and style to your home.





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