Findley Roofing in Yorkshire
Findley Roofing in Yorkshire

Pointing and Repointing Brickwork.

brickwork repointingEventually all homes will require pointing and repointing brickwork maintenance to be carried out. Its just part and parcel of living in the UK, it doesn’t matter whether its Yorkshire, Harrogate or further down the country. The UK weather is constantly chipping away at the structure of our homes.

But there’s no reason to panic, doing regular checks on your pointing will deem whether repointing your brickwork is necessary and if so Findley’s can help.


Easy ways to spot if brickwork pointing is needed

  • You will see little bits of cement around the base of your walls that has fallen away.
  • Run your finger along the brickwork lines, if there is parts missing or loose then you may need a repointing job done.
  • Get Findleys to have a look, its free.


Flat roofs are other things that need regular checks, for our Yorkshire flat roof repair page go here.



Pointing Findley’s are specialists in all form of pointing work and will give you honest advice to the condition of your walls, if it needs a small pointing repair, then that’s what we will recommend. If it needs more we will show you where.

Findley’s are a well established company repointing brickwork in Yorkshire and across the region.

Whether you live in Bradford or Wetherby or Selby or Ripon, we are the company you need. Honest reliable and 30 years experience, click here to contact us we will be happy to help



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