• Finding a Roofing Expert You Can Trust

    At Findley Roofing & Building, we deem it very important that, when you select a roofing expert, you select the one who is the most skilled and experienced. As a result, they should be able to help transform your roof into a stable one that will not only protect you from all of the elements but also keep your family and all of your worldly possessions secure.

    When choosing the contractor for your home improvements, you must consider all possible contractors and what licensing badges they carry. It’s also a good idea to find out how well-respected they are in your community. Below, we have laid a very simple how-to guide that we believe, if you follow it, will always return you to us at Findley Roofing & Building.

    Firstly, you should research any contractor to verify that they hold all licences necessary in your area. Do you know what is required in your area? Don’t worry if not, as you can find out all of this information from the National Association of Roofing Contractors.

    That step will enable you to look up the contractor’s location and contact details, from phone numbers to email address. With this information, you can better understand the company and whether it is established and experienced or a one-man-in-a-van operation.

    Is the company insured and for what? Your area may say this is not a valid requirement. However, consider what might happen if the contractor has an accident while working on your home. Without insurance, who do you think they will pass the blame to? Any established contractor will have all of the insurance required for all aspects of the job.

    Before settling on a contractor, closely look at their past jobs, which should be proudly displayed on their website. Don’t be deterred from ringing the company and asking to see any roofing and building work that they have completed close to you.

    Findley have been roofing experts for over 30 years.

    Don’t let price dictate your choice, either. We all know that the cheapest option is always the eye-catcher, but you must ask yourself why this contractor is cheaper than the others. What are they doing differently? They might be using inefficient materials or not paying for the licences and insurance required for your project.

    Any established roofing and building company will, on their website, show all of their licences and the manufacturers that have been approved the company. If you are unsure about these details’ authenticity, then contact the company and ask for proof.

    During the first visit, while you are receiving the quote, ask how much time they will need to complete the project, how many staff will be at hand, and a little more about the team. Will they arrive with a team leader? All of this information will help aid your decision and give you a better knowledge of the company.

    Do you fully understand the guarantee that has been offered as part of the job? Find out word-for-word what it covers and how it works.

    Finally, once you have found the right contractor for you, make sure you have a contract that has been signed by both parties and outlines everything discussed. Make sure it clearly states all money that has been exchanged and what work is to be carried out, plus anything else that has been agreed. This should give you a full understanding of the job, what is going to happen and, more importantly, when it is going to happen.

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