Glass-reinforced plastic for your Yorkshire roof

Glass-reinforced plastic, also known as GRP, has been used for roof installation in the UK since 1938. Today, our roofing contractors in Yorkshire here at Findley Roofing & Building can fit the GRP roof that will last you for many trouble-free years.

GRP’s effectiveness for a new roofing system can be attributed to a range of qualities, including its strength, weather resistance and versatility. Fibreglass has also attracted notice due to its combination of light weight and durability, which makes it a popular choice among roofing and building contractors across Harrogate, Leeds, York, Yorkshire and the wider UK.

Another factor in GRP’s popularity is the broad choice of sizes, widths, lengths and colours that can be specified for it, meaning it can be perfectly tailored to your most demanding requirements.

If any of the following appeals to you, the answer is simply “yes” – especially when you have your GRP roofing supplied and fitted by Findley Roofing & Building!

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A roofing material with many appealing qualities

To appreciate more about what makes GRP fibreglass such a suitable material for roofs across Yorkshire, it is useful to learn more about how it is made. Glass fibres are woven into a matt and then kept together in multiple levels by a resign called polyester plastic, all of which creates a strong, but lightweight product for roofing and building.

The number one advantage of GRP for roofing is its zero-maintenance nature. It is also fixed together, leaving zero exposure. This removes any scope for water to penetrate into your property, thereby keeping you and your family dry and safe.

Further peace of mind is provided by GRP’s compliance with not only all regulations set by Yorkshire’s local councils, but also the British standard requirements. It is the perfect product to transform a flat roof into a balcony, thanks to its ability to tolerate heavy traffic on a daily basis.

Like all of the new products that we provide here at Findley Roofing Yorkshire, GRP is supplied by us with a long guarantee to put your mind even more at rest.

How long does a glass-reinforced plastic roof last?

The good news in response to that question is that it will last for a long time! As we stated above, the use of GRP in roofs can be traced back to the 1930s, and GRP roofs dating from that era are still being used to this day.

Much research and rigorous testing was conducted back in the day to determine GRP’s suitability for use in the roofing and building trade. It was found that the material did, in fact, boast excellent tolerance levels in even the most extreme weather conditions. As a result, you can expect your GRP roof to last for 45 years or even longer.

One particular revelation that emerged from such testing was the material’s superb handling of wet conditions, which is why it is now also widely used in the manufacture of boats. Just think: if it’s good enough for a boat in the most extreme waves and storms, it’s perfect for the top of your house to keep you and your family safe and sound.

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Is a glass-reinforced roof right for me?

If any of the following appeals to you, the answer is simply “yes” – especially when you have your GRP roofing supplied and fitted by Findley Roofing & Building Yorkshire!

  • A long guarantee from the manufacturer
  • A long guarantee from our own installation team
  • A fire-resistance certificate
  • Many choices available to you for creating a masterpiece!
  • All sizes available – with us, there really is no job too big or too small
  • Non-slip options also available
  • Ease of use for the installer, meaning very little room for error
  • Ease of repair, in the unlikely event of a fault
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Exceptional security, as it will not cut with a blade
  • Zero maintenance
  • All sizes available – with us, there really is no job too big or too small
  • Fixed together, meaning no gaps for rain to penetrate
  • 100% UV resistance, which means it will never fade in sunlight
  • Perfect for transforming an already-erected flat room into a balcony or even a rooftop garden, in the process adding colour and style to your home.

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